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How We Do It

The complexities of building, preserving, and creating a legacy have never been as great as they are today. Investors are increasingly seeking guidance and comprehensive solutions that consider their unique circumstances and long-term goals.

From day one, our goal is to be your Guru, Guide, and Gladiator. As your Guru our goal is to teach you things you don’t know but need to know. As your Guide we will remain focused on you and your financial roadmap to ensure you don’t get lost on your journey. As your Gladiator we will advocate to the current you on behalf of the future you. 

Members of our team will walk you through our 3D Process:

Identify your financial goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance, 

Develop a strategy tailored to your comfort level utilizing advanced wealth and portfolio management techniques,

Communicate solutions in a logical and easily understood format,

Monitor and evaluate progress, identify additional needs and modify asset allocation as required

Your Goals, Our Services

If your goal is asset accumulation, we help you invest so you can prepare for:

  • Retirement
  • Education expenses
  • Long-term health care needs
  • Lifestyle maintenance in future years
  • Travel and other hopes and dreams

When it is time for asset distribution, we work with your legal and tax professionals as you distribute income for:

  • Post-retirement expenses
  • Medical needs
  • Transfer of wealth to future generations
  • Charitable donations and bequests
  • Business ventures
  • Travel and other dreams

For those in need of asset preservation, we help you protect:

  • Pension and retirement income
  • Inheritances or other asset windfalls
  • Family businesses through succession planning

No Fee Consultation

We look forward to the opportunity to talk with you about any facet of your investment program. There is no charge or obligation for consultations. Initial appointments and follow-ups can be held at our office, location of your choice, or electronically, whichever is most convenient.

We work with a select group of individuals, businesses, and non-profits who want assistance with asset accumulation, distribution, and / or preservation.

The Ivory Tower Changes Wall Street

Thanks to the work of three economists, we have a better understanding of what determines an asset’s price.
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